Destroyed Moby


“The pictures in this book were all taken on tour. I wanted to put out a book of tour photos.Touring is strange in that: a) It involves a nomadic, peripatetic daily existence; b) It solely involves anonymous spaces (hotel rooms, backstage areas, airports), c) It involves complete isolation(hotel rooms) juxtaposed with complete immersion in seas of people; d) Only about 2% of being on tour involves anything even remotely glamorous (…) I hope that somehow in these pictures I’m able to convey the mundanity of touring, juxtaposed with those moments of the strange and/or sublime. One minute on tour you’re by yourself in a soul-less airport, the next minute you’re flying over the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. One minute on tour you’re by yourself in a soul-less backstage area, the next minute you’re on stage pouring your heart out to 75,000 people. touring is all contrasts and strangeness, and that’s what i’m trying to convey in these pictures. I also love the vacuum-like aesthetic of touring. 99% of the time on tour you find yourself in completely life-less environments (hotel rooms, dressing rooms, airports), and then all of a sudden you’re surrounded by thousands and thousands of peopleā€.

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